In this smartphone easy access time we live in planning your next vacation can be easy until the sheer number of options overwhelm you.  Deciding and narrowing down to the best match for you can paralyze even the most adept researcher. Enter the River Cruise. (Cue up music to Match Maker Maker.) The beauty of the river cruise is that there is a match for everyone. Leisure sightseeing river cruising days still exist but enter the expedition, adventure, cultural active era of cruise itineraries. Below are my 6 reasons why you should make your next vacation a river cruise.

Comfort  Unpack your bags on your floating hotel one time settle in and let your pampering from an attentive crew begin. Onboard dining is usually 4 to 5 star restaurants with gourmet beautiful creations drinks included, wine, beer and sodas are included with lunch and dinner on most cruise lines.  Beautifully decorated cabins with gorgeous window views. Most have french doors and verandas providing the relaxing luxury of sitting on your veranda and watching the scenery pass. On the luxury cruises with Crystal and Silverseas you may find your own personal butler included. The staff are top notch and provide attentive detailed personalized service to the guests. There is just no other way to travel at such a relaxing pace with so many luxuries included. Spa services are usually an additional cost to the cruiser.  The staff are top notch and provide attentive detailed personalized service to the guests.

Value  Almost all river cruises are all inclusive. Excursions, tips, drinks at meals, dining, cabins are the standard inclusions while many lines offer extras such as transportation to the port, concierge services, even airfare is often included. Need to arrive a day early and stay over the night of disembarkation? These services are easily arranged and often at a very nice discount. Don’t run when you see the cost of a river cruise as you will be amazed at all it includes. Contact us today and we will gladly find the best cruise for your vacation. There are river cruises in all price ranges making them an ideal vacation.

Variety of Cruises  Seriously there is a cruise for everyone.  History buffs these are your ideal cruise. The excursions are small groups which can be tailored to your area of history. Medieval, Roman, Greek, World War l or ll, Vietnam, Japanese, African, Colonial, Civil War, Revolutionary War and the lists goes on. Architecture your thing? Silverseas travels over 900 destinations around the globe with some of the most famous and obscure architecture in the world. Bicycle enthusiasts can explore Europe in style with no hassles with AmaWaterways biking cruises, they some of the most inclusive and diverse biking cruises on the marker. The Wine and Food cruises are to not be missed! Artists can book tours or form small groups and have seminars on your medium with excursions to see the great masterpieces or find a beautiful spot to set up your easel and create your masterpiece. Jazz cruises, swing era music, opera, classical, folk, German, Oktoberfest, special groups the music inspired tours are amazing. Explore Europe’s famous Christmas Markets or an food lovers dream trip through Vietnam and Cambodia.

group tour.jpg

Group Friendly   Affinity Groups are ideal for river cruises. Groups as small as 5 cabins can be arranged. This size is perfect for small groups, families, educational/instructional getaways. Larger groups are always welcome as well. Quilters, artists, musicians, mom’s get-a-way groups, family reunions, clubs, students, foodies, wine and food aficionados, graduate students, cultural immersion groups and so many more can enjoy custom designed tours and on board seminars.  


Cultural Immersion  As you cruise down the river you are never more than a few meters from the shore at all times immersed in the culture as you pass by and explore. The ships travel during the night and you awaken at your next port ready to head off onto your next excursion where you will be interacting and learning about the the culture of this destination. Many excursions are made for learning the local culture through cooking, craft, folk dance, local art classes that allow you to learn from the best in the city. These classes are done with either an English speaking instructor or interpreter so you don’t lose any of the wonderful details. Excursions almost always come with a wireless headset type device you can wear so that you can hear the tour leader clearly and not have to be six inches away. OK that might be my personal pet peeve on tours. If I can’t hear the guide and have to become their shadow which makes exploring difficult I do get a bit cranky.  

Simplicity   No matter how complex my trip may be, I crave simplicity. The hassles of micro planning a trip coordinating air, hotel, transportation, meals, tours and knowing that they have to be perfectly timed and deposits paid on each by the correct timeline are all but eliminated with a river cruise. But your a travel agent you say. Yes I am. I love planning other’s trips but hate planning my own. How is that for irony. On a River Cruise you choose your specific cruise and excursions and we take care of the rest.  You can plan a cruise with multiple activities, adventures and on board extras yet it is a truly simple choices and the rest is done for you. Now it doesn’t get much better than that! Call us today to plan your cruise