Spirit of Adventure

chinese boats.jpg

oad up the luggage! 
Board the ship!
Conquer the great unknown!
It is the spirit of adventure and I believe a bit of it resides in us in all, but for some of us it is an burning desire and passion irresistible.  Are you one of us? When I was in 8th grade I told my mom I wanted to be a missionary and she was pretty much appalled at the idea of her baby running off to the wilds. Years later as I was preparing to depart for Chile mom asked me how did I get this desire to run away and be so adventuresome.  There really isn’t an answer for that except that it is something within that says I need to see and touch and smell and experience the world for myself. Nothing is as satisfying as talking to or trying to talk to someone in another culture. Learning their likes and dislikes, trying their food, seeing their architecture and wildlife. 

It is this spirit of adventure that led me to take that step and to now share it with all of you through the gift of travel. Sharing travel is the one of the best gifts I can think of to enrich the soul. Technology has made it easy and affordable to pack up and hit  the high seas and see the world up close and personal. Polar bears in the Arctic, penguins in Antarctica, volcanoes in Iceland, whales around in the northern pacific, Moai in the south pacific. Take your pick of amazing sights and it is within reach. 

Ushaia expedition.jpg

Expedition cruises are an amazing way to get up close, personal and to experience these wonders. The Galapagos with its amazing wildlife not seen elsewhere in the world would be one of my top choices for my next adventure. But the Australian Outback or maybe Ushuaia or explore with National Geographic and with privileged access to whale lagoons. The world has truly become accessible and expedition cruises can get you there. These aren’t fishing boats with primitive quarters and hard lifestyles. The new wave of expedition vessels are luxurious, comfort filled small cruise ships with everything you can imagine to make your trip the adventure of a lifetime.