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World travelers share a passion for discovery but there are all sorts of explorers.  The Galapagos are the cornucopia for discovery and exploration of all types. Your exploration will begin in Baltra, Galapagos which served as US military base protecting the Panama Canal during World War II.  From their you adventure will launch via ship to the many islands with their abundant wildlife and beaches.

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Several islands are home to sea lions but one of the largest is Mosquera Islet. This flat islet sits near Baltra and also boasts lava gulls and coastal birds. On the way over and out watch for orcas and dolphins. Loreana and San Cristobal are also fabulous sites to observe the sea lions.

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Explore Dragon Hill, Santa Cruz hike among the iguanas and flamingos while strolling through the Palo Santo trees and cotton plants. Hop on over the red sands of Rabida island and observe the nesting colony of pelicans and the many sea birds who inhabit this volcanic landscape.

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Follow a trail around secluded wetland lagoons to the Tortoise Center on Isabela Island where you may see some of the oldest breeding animals as well as hatchlings. Don’t forget to see the stilts, gallinals and more amazing bird species. Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island is home to the Charles Darwin Research Center with it’s tortoise breeding research.   While on the islands and in route to them don’t forget to observe the sea as you are likely to spot sea turtles wandering by your boat and offshore.

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Some of the most unique birds in the world live on the islands. Their names are as amusing as their looks. Names such as Blue Footed Boobies, Stilts, Frigatebirds, Nazca Boobies, and Waved Alabatrosses might have you giggling while your camera shutter clicks away.

Not all is animals, a must see is The Wall of Tears. Found on Isabela Island a penal colony was housed here. Prisoners were forced to build the wall stone by stone, in isolation, only to be forced to tear it down and rebuild over and over. 

Swim with the wildlife, snorkel with the gorgeous sea critters or dive to see the amazing volcanic deposits left far under the sea. Hike, walk or run to explore these amazing islands.