6 Days in Cambodia for $700

Angkor Wat Temple


Immerse yourself in the beauty, culture, sights and flavors of Cambodia. Explore the fascinating floating village of Tonle Sap. Walk through the temple compound of Angkor Wat. Discover the city of Phnom Pehn and then end your tour in the beautiful city of Siem Reap.

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Siem Reap

explore the streets and find the many treats

While in Siem Reap make sure to find time to explore some of the markets and fairs. My best advice is to see where the local people are lined up to eat and get in line. They know the best places and you rarely go wrong with the food choices. You might though have to be a bit brave in your culinary adventure but it is almost always a fun experience. It will make for a fabulous story when you get home. There is no better way to experience the real culture than to try a popular restaurant or food cart.

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Tonle Sap is an adventure not to be missed. Cruise around this water village with a local guide. Imagine living on the water, running your business from your house boat and watching the children play on their small skiffs. Bar none this will be one of your most unique excursions during the trip.

Cambodia Angkor Wat.jpg

Explore the massive temple grounds of Angkor Wat. From the ruins to the beautifully preserved area. The history and rich culture absolutely must be seen, heard and experienced. Just remember that this sacred temple grounds are to be treated with respect at all times. Improper behavior or dress will get you escorted off the premises. It is a site you must see. Another site you will see are the national museum and Royal Palace. They are two of the most impressive buildings in Phnom Pehn. I encourage you to book soon as this land tour of Cambodia will go very fast at this price. (airfare to Cambodia not included. To find out more about this fabulous 6 day Cambodia tour for just $700 click on the button below to schedule a short 20-30 minute travel adventure session.