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The Tango

I promise we are not talking 80’s theme parties. Instead we are talking about hyper focusing your travel adventure. Many of us long to get out of our travel rut of visiting great cities, doing the tours, taking pictures of the famous sites. I want to dive in and learn something or experience something on my journey. Experiential travel is the top travel category in 2019 according to Travel Market Report.

How do I find an experiential travel idea or theme? Start with something that interests you. The list is nearly endless but are you a Cooking Channel fan? Maybe learning to cook in Cambodia is for you. Do you love photography? A photo safari or photo cruise might be your thing. Do you love to quilt? How about traveling to Bali to see and make your own batik? Do you love cycle? There are multiple cycling tours throughout the world but Europe has some of the best. Tour the famous sites on a bike. Are you a fitness fanatic? A health or wellness tour might be for you. One more. Have a favorite movie? Travel to where it was filmed and walk in the steps of your favorite character. There really is no limit to themes as it is where your interest lie.


Theme travel can present another dilemma. You are your usual travel partner have vastly different hobbies or interests. The majority of theme travel is done in small groups and fully customized theme travel is widely popular right now. You have a choice to join a small group of people who share your passion for photographing elephants. You spouse can join a small group learning how to perfect their watercolor technique on the Greek Isles. When you arrive home you both have amazing journeys to share. Not your thing? Customize it. A good travel agent is able to customize your journey your way. They may not find elephants to photograph in Greece, but they very likely could find a watercolor artist tutor in India or Africa. This puts you both traveling together but indulging in the experiences you desire. This type of journey in the travel industry is called FIT. I remember the acronym by saying it is journey FIT just for you.

I have a passion for the country of Chile. After living there for 12 years it became my second home. I would love design a small group, no more than 10 people, to share my favorite places. Be warned you might end up in a hotel with dozens of peacocks. Traveling with someone who knows the subject and loves it is truly the start of the formula for a fantastic experience.

Below in order from left to right top to bottom.

Row 1: Learn to make Batik fabric. Visit every Jesuit mission in South America. Travel along the Danube on Bicycles. Study Jie Jitsu in Brazil

Row 2: Cooking class in Italy, Learning the art of making wine in Chile, Shopping in Europe’s famed Christmas markets and Fly fishing in Alaska.

The ideas are pretty endless and with an experienced creative travel agent you will be able to create or find your next great adventure. Our philosophy of travel is “Your Travel Your Way”. No one should be disappointed in their vacation. I know it will happen due to unforeseen circumstance but we do everything in our power to help create the itinerary with the experience you want.

If you would like to schedule a travel adventure session click on the button below. This is a 20-30 minute conversation where you share your travel dream with me. I will listen and take detailed notes so I can best create that dream trip. When you click the link below it is take you to my online scheduler so you may choose a time that best suits you.