This is a typical Argentine meal often found in “greasy spoon” type restaurants and made in homes throughout the country.

2 Potatoes sliced in sticks (making french fries)
2 large sausages or chorizo cubed (options can be ham or hot dogs instead of sausage)
2 eggs
Oil for frying

This is easiest done in a wok but a deep skillet will work also.
Fry the potatoes until they are golden and crisp. Remove from oil and set a aside.
Drain most of the oil leaving only enough to keep the pan coated for sausage
Fry the sausage until done.
Whisk the eggs and pour over the sausage, stirring under you get a mix of sausage and egg.
Pour the fries back into the pan and heat again toss until heated through.
Serve while hot.