peruvian arroz con pollo.jpg

1 bunch cilantro
2 Tbs water
1-2 Tbs olive oil
4 boneless skinless chicken thighs
1 small onion chopped
1 tsp garlic about 3 cloves minced
1 tsp cumin
1-2 Tbs of aji amarillo (can purchase HERE on Amazon)
1 cup dark beer (avoid stout or porter)
1 cup chicken broth
2 small carrots diced
1 small red pepper diced
1 cup petite peas (frozen fine)
1 cup long grained rice, jasmine, basmati, etc
sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Cut the cilantro where the leaves start and discard the bottom portion. Wash and pat dry. Place in blender or food processor with a bit of water and pulse till mixed, set aside
Sear the chicken until golden brown and set aside
Saute the garlic, onions, and aji amarillo until the onions are translucent
Add the beer and broth. Scrape any stuck on pieces
Add the chicken and the rest of the vegetables except peas along with the cilantro into the pan and simmer 10-15 minutes covered.
Add the rice, peas, salt and pepper stirring to make sure the rice is fully covered. Cover pan and cook on low for 20-25 minutes until the rice is done.

Aji Amarillo is quite hot. It has a bit of a fruity flavor. Adjust quantity to your tolerance for heat)