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I have a great passion for South American travel and I love sharing it with YOU. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing my second home with others. Having lived in Chile for 12 years and having had the privilege of traveling and discovering the wonders of this continent built a base upon which I am able to find just the right experiences for YOU.

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Chilean Tierra de Fuego

Chilean Tierra de Fuego


is a travelers dream with the Atacama desert (the world’s driest desert) with it’s almost moonscape like appearance. Central Chile is wine country with one of the most robust viticultures in the world. With over 4,000 kilometers of coast line the beaches and sea food are amazing. As you head father south the landscape turns greener and the German heritage from long ago settlers is very evident. It is almost as if you have arrived in an European city. Then of course is the southernmost tip which encompasses glaciers and you will find penguins and a wide variety of wildlife.

The climate however is not the amazing part of this country but rather the people. Chileans are friendly, outgoing and love to introduce visitors to “their Chile lindo”. The wine country and food culture here is not to be missed.


Nothing embodies the spirit of Argentina more than the Tango. It is an elegant, proud dance which describes the Argentinian people. The country is beautiful with many historic and cultural centers. A trip to Argentina should include Buenos Aires and a tango show or class. A stop in the Mendoza region to explore the wine country. They are famous for their wines and are the in the top 10 wine producing countries year after year.

Head to southern Argentina to explore Patagonia, the Austral, and experience the beauty of the massive glaciers, penguins, and wildlife.

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A tropical paradise in South America. With rain forests and it’s famed Amazon region to the beaches, gold mining communities to the incredibly large cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janiero there is a Brazil for everyone. This is the largest country in South America occupying more than half the land mass. The language is Portugese and the people are delightful. Most everyone knows of “Carnival” the pre-lent celebration. It is quite spectacular to see but be prepared for enormous crowds.

A trip to Brazil must include a journey to the border of Argentina and Paraguay to see Iguazu or Iguacu Falls. The food, the atmosphere, and people make a trip to Brazil a must on your South American journey.

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